Corporate Events

Opening / Inaugural Ceremony

Opening Ceremony is an event to mark the beginning of a new journey and Enjoe's unique ideas makes small event looks special

Induction Programs

Induction Program is used within many businesses to welcome new employees to the company and prepare them for their new role

Team Building Events

Foster strong, authentic bonds between coworkers that are meaningful and long- lasting with Team Bonding’s programs

Job Fare

Job fair is an event in which employers, recruiters, and schools give information to potential employees

Product Launches

Product Launch Events are essential to the existence of businesses, but are critical to Start-Ups

Product Promotions

Enjoe uses new ways in Product Promotion, to make people aware, attract and induce to buy the product in preference over others

Press Conferences

Press Conference is organized to share official information to media and answering questions of reporters

Dealers Meet

Enjoe organize Dealers Meet, where all your dealers come together to listen, learn, share, and enjoy the pleasure of being part

Networking Events

Whether you're starting your own business, searching for the perfect co-founder, transitioning to a new job —networking can be your life support

Trade/ Road Shows

Trade Shows is an exhibition where companies can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services

MICE Events

It's a type of corporate tourism in which large groups are brought together for a particular purpose

Motivational Talks

Motivational Talks is a speech intended to motivate or inspire an audience

Award Ceremonies

Award Ceremonies are to celebrate achievements in every field from business to fashion, technology to blogging

Official Parties/ Functions

Taking a break to connect with co-workers can be a morale booster, office parties can all too often feel routine and mundane

Office Picnic

Golf Events



Board Meetings

Shareholders Meetings